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No one needs another fashion brand.

Huel was launched in 2015 to change the way people eat. Huel makes it easy to enjoy delicious, nutritionally complete food that is plant-based, with minimal impact on animals and the environment.

In 2022, we are launching Huelwear, to change the way people dress.

Huelwear makes it easy to wear stylish, wardrobe-completing clothes that are plant-based, with minimal impact on animals and the environment.

See what we did there?

Huelwear isn’t another fashion brand. Huelwear is clothing designed for life. Huelwear is different:

  • Our clothes are crafted from the best performing and most sustainable materials, including GOTS-certified organic cotton and recycled Q-NOVA nylon.
  • It’s all vegan-verified by Intertek, because we believe that if you don’t have to use animal products, then you shouldn’t.
  • We have reviewed the ethical credentials of all our factories and mills, and visited many of them to ensure they meet our standards. As travel restrictions lift, we’re committed to visiting all our partners. We only want to work with factories that hold independently verified ethical certification proving that they treat their workers with respect. People and the planet are our most precious natural resources and we want to protect them.
  • All our products are traceable right back to the mill that manufactured the fabric. You can read more about all the factories we use, including their ethical audit information, right here.
  • We don’t believe in seasons. Huelwear is designed to be timeless. We’ll only change a product when we’ve found a way to make it better, either by reducing its environmental impact or improving the way it wears and how long it lasts.
  • We know that we’re not perfect. We know that nothing we make is perfect. That’s why every item of Huelwear has a version number, just like our food. Because every day, we strive to make our products and our supply chains better than they were yesterday.
  • We believe in making less, but making it as good as it can possibly be. That’s why Huelwear will only ever be about the essentials. We create items that work together, and with what you already own, then make them as sustainable as possible. That way, we can help to reduce fashion’s impact on the entire world. It makes choosing what to wear easier, too.
  • We give back, by donating 1% of all our profits to environmental charities who we partner with to protect the planet.

Fashion is one of the world’s most polluting industries, but it doesn’t have to be. Huelwear is clothing that helps you be a better human.

Read about our approach to Sustainability 2.0 here.

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