Huel Complete Protein

Huel Complete Protein is a nutritionally complete, plant-based, high-protein snack that contains more essential amino acids (EAAs) per gram than whey protein. It's made from sustainably sourced, high-quality, animal-free ingredients – hemp, faba, and pea protein.

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Everything You Need to Know About Huel Complete Protein

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What is Huel Complete Protein?

Huel Complete Protein is a nutritionally complete plant-based high-protein snack that contains more essential amino acids (EAAs) per gram than whey protein. It's made from sustainably sourced, high-quality, animal-free ingredients: hemp, faba, and pea protein.

Key benefits

✅   Contains all essential 26 vitamins and minerals
✅   20g of protein
✅   105 cals per serve
✅   9g essential amino acids
✅   5g branched-chain amino acids
✅   Gluten-free
✅   Sugar-free
✅   Dairy-free
✅   GMO-free
✅   Phytonutrients
✅   Source of fibre (most protein powders are devoid of fibre, an essential nutrient)
✅   Contains curcumin (turmeric extract – the small orange particles that you occasionally see in our Complete Protein powder) and piperine
✅   100% vegan
✅   100% recyclable tub
✅   No artificial colours or flavourings
✅   Nutritionally complete (it's still Huel, after all...) with 170 health benefits included, and can help boost your immune system
✅   Made from plant-based hemp, pea, and faba protein
✅   Perfect for your mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and pre-bed snack.

Good for you; great for the environment

It gets better: by switching to plant-based protein, you are reducing your carbon footprint and helping protect the environment. Together we are making an impact and making the world a better place.

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Why should I choose Huel Complete Protein?

Even Hueligans need to snack sometimes, and that’s why we’re launching our very own Huel protein powder.

It’s the perfect plant-based protein snack to give you a quick boost whenever you need it. Available in a wide range of super tasty flavours, just like regular Huel it’s packed with all 26 essential vitamins and minerals to keep you on top form.

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How is it different from other protein powders?

Huel Complete Protein is much more than just a protein powder. It contains all 26 essential vitamins and minerals including vitamin B12 and iron, phytonutrients, essential fats and fibre.

Plus, compared to other protein sources, it has more essential amino acids (EAAs) and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).

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How is it different from other Huel products?

Huel Complete Protein is mainly a high-protein, nutritionally complete snack. The recommended serving size is 105kcal (compared to 400kcal for Huel Powder and Black Edition) and it packs 20g of high-quality protein, so it has the highest concentration of protein per kcal than any other Huel products. Find out more in our detailed product comparison.

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When and how to use

Huel Complete Protein is the perfect mid-morning, mid-afternoon, or pre-bed protein snack to give you a quick boost whenever you need it, keeping you going until your next meal.

How do I make it?

It's super easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Add 300ml water to your shaker (approximately half-way to the fill line)
  • Add one scoop of Complete Protein (29g)
  • Shake hard for 10 seconds

How many scoops do I need?

One scoop (29g) = 20g protein = 105kcal

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What do I get with my order?

If you are new to Huel you will receive a FREE T-shirt, Shaker and Starter Booklet. You'll need to select your T-shirt fit, size and colour in the next step. Your free Shaker and Booklet will be automatically added to your order if you qualify.

Each tub of Huel Complete Protein contains a free scoop. For more information see our terms and conditions.

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Where is Huel Complete Protein made?

Huel Complete Protein is made at our state-of-the-art facility in the UK. It’s produced in accordance with rigorous food production regulations.

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Product details

Shelf Life

The shelf life of Huel Complete Protein is 12 months from production date if your tub is unopened and stored in a dry, cool environment, away from direct sunlight. Don’t worry about keeping track, there is a best before date printed on the tub.

It’s six months if your tub is open. Just reseal and store in dry, cool environment, away from direct sunlight and it’ll keep for half a year.

Once you’ve prepared your Huel, keep it refrigerated for 24 hours. You can save more time and make up your breakfast the night before, plus it tastes great cold.

If you’re on the go and don’t have a fridge handy, providing the temperature is cool, your prepared Huel can stay fresh for a few hours.

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Packaging and recyclability

The packaging of Huel Complete Protein is widely recyclable.

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Order, delivery, returns, and refunds

Delivery is FREE for all orders over 215,00 kr. As we work quickly to pick and pack orders, we are unfortunately unable to cancel your order once it's placed. However you can get a refund for any unopened packages. View our returns and refund policy.

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How do I manage my subscription?

Just log in to your account to manage your subscription. Here you can do a number of things including updating your details, skipping a delivery or cancelling your subscription. Follow our Huel Subscription Guide for helpful steps.

What Makes our Protein ‘Complete’?

Not all Protein Powders are Created Equal.


Huel contains 20g of protein plus carbs, fats, fibre, and 26 essential vitamins & minerals.


A protein-packed snack that’s ready in under a minute.


Sustainable vegan ingredients. Zero animal products.


Each delicious serving costs just 11.15 kr. Subscribe and save 10%.

Complete Nutrition is just a (Protein) Shake Away.

Huel Complete Protein is a low-carb, high-protein snack, and contains a macro split of 11:10:76:3 (carbohydrates, fat, protein, and fibre). That’s not to say there’s nothing else that’s good for you inside each scoopful – it also contains all 26 of the essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs to thrive.

Nutritional Information
Complete Protein
Carbohydrate 3g
Protein 20g
Fats 1.4g
Fibre 1.7g
Vitamins & Minerals 1g

The Protein Shake That Gives You More

By carefully combining hemp, faba and pea protein, 100% vegan Huel Complete Protein achieves a higher percentage of essential amino acids (EAAs) per gram than any other protein sources on the market, including whey. Forget everything you think you know about plant protein!

"The new Complete Protein powder from Huel is a game changer and it tastes INSANE!"

Not only have we created a brand new way to have plant-based protein, but we've made it incredibly delicious. All our flavours have been developed to give you what we think is the best taste and texture. But don't just take our word for it – or, in this case, Huel board member and social chain founder Steven Bartlett – see what our customers had to say.

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Anders Teglbjærg

A really good experience

A really good experience

"I would actually go so far as to say that this is some of the best service I have ever received. Huel respond quickly and are really friendly. Can highly recommend Huel, both for the product but also for the good experience."


Highly recommendable

Highly recommendable

"Huel satisfies well, and the declaration of the ingredients and nutrients are credible. It makes it easy to replace one or two daily meals with a healthy alternative e.g. sandwiches to Huel. The delivery is fast and usually arrives after a few days."

Benedicte Larsen

Super nice company!

Super nice company!

I have now been using Huel for 7 months and how I have been happy with it! Since starting, I have stepped up from a single bottle of Huel a day to three. This has led to gaining more energy now that my body is getting what it needs. Definitely a company I can recommend.

John Eddie Møller



"The most delicious full-time complete food. WOW, it really works wonders for my overall wellbeing, and I get a flat stomach from drinking it daily. It provides me with a great powerboost from the morning throughout the entire day."


Great products!

Great products!

"I ordered two bags of powder, and the taste is really good. I had questions about the products and nutrition, and customer service was super helpful with everything. Definitely one of the best online experiences I've had."

Mirella E

Life saver!!

Life saver!!

I have had problems with my appetite back and forth for several years due to stress, mental illness, etc. and I skipped many meals because of it. Thanks to Huel, I can always get what I need, no matter where I am or what I am doing."

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