How to Lose Weight on a Budget

Following a weight loss diet that’s also affordable is tough and can often feel overwhelming – it’s common to feel like losing weight is impossible without spending a load of money on branded weight loss foods & programmes.


Often, diet foods ignore the importance of being high in fibre, protein or complex carbohydrates, which results in you feeling hungry shortly after you eat these types of foods.

Remember, a key factor in safe and successful weight loss is consistency. Gradual and sustained weight loss outshines rapid, short term weight loss.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to stretch your budget to achieve weight loss, we’ve got you covered!

Our Top Five Tips for Losing Weight on a Budget:

Stock up on high-fibre, filling and canned foods

Remember: staple foods (with a long shelf life) are always great to have to hand to create filling meals and snacks whenever you need them.

Stock up on wholemeal bread, rice, pasta and other nutrient-dense carbohydrates to have as economical ingredients in your cupboards. Economy ranges for this category of foods can be significantly cheaper and often not too different in taste.

There are also many wallet-friendly options when it comes to canned foods: look out for canned fruits and vegetables, fish (such as sardines which provide omega-3 fatty acids) and pulses (such as beans) as these are often cheaper and you can store them for longer periods of time than fresh produce.

Buy frozen foods

It’s a common misconception that the nutritional profile of frozen fruits and vegetables is worse.

They’re – more often than not – cheaper, and just as good for you!

If you find yourself not getting through all your fresh produce before it spoils, freezing your fruit or purchasing frozen is a great way to go. It’s great to freeze spinach to add to your homemade meals, such as curries, or having a handful of frozen berries on your porridge in the mornings.

Meal prep - make your own meals & snacks in batches

It probably feels like a big task, but batch-cooking meals and snacks may save you a lot of money (and time!) in the long run. It helps you buy in bulk and reduce those shopping trips when you’re only after a snack.

Plan set times, such as a couple of hours on a Sunday, to cook filling chilis, curries or casseroles in batches, creating multiple meals for later in the week. Add canned pulses such as lentils and beans into these recipes to add fibre and create meals that keep you full for longer.

Choose affordable sources of protein

Protein is essential for many functions in the body, particularly muscle growth and repair and it’s a great component for weight loss as it’s great for satiety.

Plant-based protein sources are often inexpensive, and provide a whole host of other nutrients. Experiment by cooking meals with tofu, lentils, or beans – you may be surprised how much you save by swapping out meat once or twice a week.

Don’t believe the hype

We’re here to remind you that you don’t need to buy a weight loss plan or foods marketed for weight loss to achieve your weight loss goals.

A crucial factor for effective weight loss is staying on track, but this is often easier said than done. It is important to lose weight in a safe and sustainable way, but that doesn't mean that you have to join or pay for a membership to a weight loss plan or group. There are many brilliant forums, community groups and free app downloads to encourage you to reach your weight loss goal, without making a dent in your bank balance.

Why not pair up with a friend who also has their own goals?

Foods marketed for weight loss are often just that. They are simply well-marketed low-calorie foods that are a smaller portion size to the standard option. Essentially, you’re paying more for less thanks to some clever branding.

Try Huel

Losing weight with Huel can be a great option for you whilst sticking to a budget for many reasons.

All Huel products are nutritionally complete (2,000kcal of Huel provides a good amount of each essential nutrient for optimum levels of nutrition), convenient (all Huel products are ready in under five minutes) and affordable – Huel powder can cost as little as 16 kr per meal.

If you want to track your calories, Huel makes it super easy – two scoops contains 400kcal. It’s as simple as that!


The Bottom Line

Losing those pounds doesn’t mean you have to lose money too. Remember, your weight loss journey is individual to you, what works for one person doesn’t mean it will necessarily work for another. Hopefully you’ve found at least one tip that will help you to reach your goals whilst also keeping your bank account happy.

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